7 Seconds


You only have 7 Seconds....to grab your audience's attention. You can not risk losing a potential customer.


  • You must seek to meet their needs (Not yours)....Covering their objections to the sale.. while holding their interest. Create the need and desire for that product or service.


  • Does your copy take your audience on a giddy ride with anticipation: straight through taking action?


  • Does your copy include the key elements?  Or so boring that even the paint on the wall yawns?

Think about!   As you do, ask yourself ......

                            Your Headlines and Content: Are they Powerful and Persuasive?

  • Headlines  make ads work. The best headlines appeal to people's self-interest, or give news.
  • Simple words are the most powerful because it is what many people understand.
  • Every headline has one job, it must stop your prospects with a believable  promise.


You can have the greatest content....but what good is your content, if your prospects never read your copy?


On the other hand you may have a great headline but lousy ineffective content.


Whatever your situation, we will create effective persuasive copy according to your needs. 



I'm Robert Allen Kelleher

Thank you for your interest

in Supreme Copywriting

Wall, New Jersey



 Satisfying your writing needs, as you sit in the comforts of your home and office.

We come to you through the world of Skype.



Supreme Copywriting, has a service that meets your needs.If you are unsure of which service, send us an email or use the easy Contact us form to schedule a no cost obligation consultation.

Give us an idea of your goals. The best way to get started is to request your no obligation, free sample edit.


This allows us to see the level of your writing and recommend the best service to you, as well as match you up with the editor who is best suited to your specific genre, writing level and personality. It also allows you to see what to expect from us before any money changes hands.

More than 75 percent of Supreme Copywriting business is repeat business, and we relish establishing long-term relationships with our writers.


As per our mission statement, we believe in treating our writers exactly as we would want to be treated—with respect and compassion. Yet, we also believe in being honest. We want our writers to be happy with us years from now, so we tell you the truth about your writing.


We just make sure all our criticism is of the constructive sort. After all, our purpose is to improve your writing, not destroy your confidence.

Check out our services, and please don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions. We’re here for you.




Just tell us what you want improved and what the changes are, and we'll make them--fast.


There is NO CHARGE for rewriting. Revisions are  always included in the flat fee agreed to for the assignment,  You will also receive  free unlimited  revisions for one year after you receive your copy.


  • We always work within your budget.
  • No Fine print easy to read personalized contracts.


You are looking for precision-crafted innovative rich, memorable reads that speaks to your audience...evoking your motivated message.....


You want strong and strategic copy, creating  positive reaction.  All within your time frame and budget. Giving you the professional edge. Gratifying your needs through affordability...


You want to be guaranteed that Your words, thoughts and ideas be crafted to Your specifications....




Welcome To  

Supreme Copywriting International


Your Writing Service  The Way You Deserve 

For All Your Writing Needs


Innovative Creativity With You In Mind



What May We Create For You?



Our Services 


Advertising Copy

Powerful, persuasive and attention grabbing, are the ad copies we write. Connecting you with your intended market. Providing an effective call to action. 


Creatively woven with product-service credibility and benefits with the consumer in mind. Creatively written for effective advertising. Because these first three lines are crucial on any search engine or web page.


To determine the highest conversion rate, several versions are written. Saving you time and money. Giving you a choice. Don’t know where to start? We’ll provide a free analysis of your product/service, discuss a strategy and ideas. Let us mastermind yours today.


Articles and Columns

Powerful public relation tools which speaks volumes about your products and services. Publishing them in trade journals, newspapers, your own company website and publications increases your client base and sales

Article Writing

Every article guaranteed for originality and accuracy!  Researched and written with your reader in mind! Our three step proof-read- editorial process eliminates grammatical, spelling, structure errors.


Paragraphs clearly defined without hype. In-depth researched information your reader needs! Enticing invitational headlines. Affordability and premium quality need not be costly.


Audio Book Narration

Imagine your book heard around the world. As you envisioned, all the emotions in three dimensional theater of the mind. Your words brought to life by professional voices. With all the suspense, action, anger, laughter, accents and dialect that enliven the performance and populate your audio book.

People love good stories, especially hearing one. There’s no better way than through the magic of audio. Take your story to the next level.


Whether your project requires a cast or a single professional voice narrator, interpreting the various characters with multiple voice actors, music, and sound effects.


We work with your budget and timelines delivering your book on audio formats to your satisfaction.

 The time frame for a 200 page book takes approximately 10 hours to complete a finished audio. Excludes processing and editing if needed. Fees for audio book production and processing vary according to each projects necessities.


Clients who select our book marketing promotional packages automatically are discounted special rates. Many clients have included the audio version with the printed version as a special at book signings.


Billboard Posters 

Effective billboards grabs the attention and leaves a lasting impression.


Book Marketing

Our book marketing package includes all necessary preparation to be presented to an agent and traditional publisher. This is a no obligation option to be discussed upon consultation. You may add this on later at a discounted addition.


Your book will be presented to be in competition with the top percent of the over six million manuscripts in circulation of the book industry at any given time. Given the serious consideration which it deserves


A well-written book and great promotions are major keys to success. Supreme Writing Services offers phenomenal affordable marketing plans customized to your needs. We can’t guarantee sales, no one can.


But we do promise effective creative promotions which include book tours introducing you to readers, buyers and the media. We offer local, regional, national and international.


When it comes to selling books, it’s about creating maximum impact, which equals maximum sales.


Promotional plans include website and manuscript development, publicity, tour scheduling. Newspapers, internet, magazines, television, radio, booksellers and libraries. Presentations with booksellers, libraries, and other venues including online sales. All geared to your success.

Book tours creates quick sales by participating in signings on a statewide or across state lines level. A regional area tour opens up opportunities to having your book carried by stores on a larger scale. A four month advance notice is required to secure a full tour.

Many chain stores order their own books. For smaller, independent stores for readings and signings we suggest a stock of 30 or more. Events around each tour are planned with media and or special interest groups to participate in the event as well.

We outline the presentation you will use for your events, help design a unique and exciting presentation. Along with which cities, booksellers and venues would best suit your campaign.

After the actual arranging and negotiating of each event, a confirmation notice emailed to the host bookseller-venue and client once all the details are confirmed. Distribution of an event press release to all relevant media in the area of the appearance.

Let us customize a successful marketing promotion for you within your budget. A retainer is required prior to the beginning of any work.

Our fees for the event, are dependent on the current market. Multiple events are discounted. This includes all necessary preparation, securing media and venues. For your convenience we have a package deal and payment options.

Wish to have your book, manuscript or galley considered or more information? contact us


Books and Screen Plays

To masterfully ghostwrite your book or screenplay depends upon the complexity and word count. The amount of background information you the author you provide and the research that will be required. The more provided {draft, extensive notes, recordings, sketches} the less we charge. We charge much less

300-page manuscripts generally are completed within 12 months. Screenplays longer.

You retain all the rights to the manuscript and you are free to exploit all rights in any way you determine is in your best interest. We recieve no royalties.

Though we can not guarantee any book or screenplay will sell, no one can, we eliminate the possibilities for non rejection. Including grammar, style, structure.

All preliminary manuscripts require a read through to decipher the best rate quote.

Line editing fees depend on the necessary work involved. Line editing is when an editor has a hands-on approach, rewriting, making necessary language and stylistic corrections on a line-by-line basis.

Expertly your book will be rewritten through story enhancement. Carefully in detailed-depth we look at all written. Finding solutions for- plot/structure – character development- language- narrative issues. No changes are ever made without your approval. We promise your style will never be obliterated.

If you wish to market your book project on your own, we will creatively write a highly effective proposal including two chapter samples, and a query letter, for $3,000



We also create effective, conversational marketing brochures that speak to your targeted market. Motivating on a personal level as we describe your business, products or services. These are the same brochures included in the direct marketing package.

Intermingled with how to related information. A brochure should be a keeper. A motivating invitation, to do business with you and not your competitor. Creatively designed and organized so the reader easily finds what they want.


Within each brochure design page there’s a selling power. Your contact information and reply card for action.


Most people like making their own decisions, so the brochure must psychologically decide for them. Without the reader being aware. That is why an effective creative brochure is imperative.

It all begins with an eye catching cover, shape, design, colors and text. We will create, design, print and ship your highly powerful memorable brochures directly to your door.

Maybe you prefer us to create and design your powerful brochures and mail your print ready artwork?


Giving you the opportunity to locate a reasonably priced qualified printer of your choice.

Brochure creation, design fees and print ready art work package start at $1200. Printing fees depends on the brochure and requirements.

Price Package discounts are available and advisable. Let us Brochure market your business to success today. Interested in our direct marketing/ brochure services?

Contact us today for your free consultation

Business Letters

The art of communication is essential in our daily lives. Crucial in the business world, one word out of context, can be detrimental. Every day millions of business letters are mailed out for various reasons. Without the proper font, format, signature and missing information.

Supreme Copywriting Services creates powerful action letters that get results. Eliminating the need for clients recipients to sort through multiple papers to locate details, by having everything included in one place. Saving a client is money in the pocket.

Business Proposals and Reports

Business reports include financial overviews, marketing plans, business proposals, project analysis. Maybe you don’t have time. Or have no clue on how to prepare a report. You are not alone.

Together we will prepare your detailed business reports through all necessary research, for relevant information. Triple check for accuracy and current statistics.


Back up all points that are made. Based on the facts and statistics, your report will include a summary or non-personal recommendation at the conclusion. Guiding your readers to a course of action you feel is necessary.




Copy Critique

Eliminates costly mistakes, strengthen headlines and body copy. Copy Critique provides an objective review of all the copywriting  you have in mind. Critique either an existing piece or a draft of copy in progress. It's up to you .

 Critique either an existing piece or a draft of copy in progress. It's up to you . With the amazing Copy Critique, you receive:

 A detailed written report analyzing your copy. What's good and what works... what doesn't work ... what should be changed ... and how.

 Specific directions for revisions and rewriting, although I do not write or rewrite copy for you under this arrangement . Copy Critique is great for clients who want a "second opinion" on a piece of copy, or who need new ideas to inject life into an existing package that's no longer working.

 It also enables you to sample my services at far less cost than you'd pay to have me write your copy from scratch.


Copy Critique Free

After receiving your Copy Critique detailed written report analyzing your copy.. And You decide to sign on as a client.. as many clients have...


I will credit every cent you paid for your valuable report to your copy project reducing your cost. Plus discount your project an additional 10%.  Our way to say welcome and thank you.


Copy Editing

Copy editing corrects content and style errors throughout all of your documents.



Copywriting can be any written communication intended for wider distribution through print or other media. Copywriting informs and persuades to take whatever action so desired. Be it products, services, a behavior change or attitude. The success or failure depends on how well the copy is written and presented. Having direct, measurable consequences.

Regardless the choice of media, our specialists brings your product, service, opinion and idea into successful copywriting that persuades readers. Powerful, persuasive, concise, effective creative writing to bring your copy to life.


Direct Mail Letters


Direct Marketing

Effective marketing begins with strategic planning. A personal relationship, a communication, between the consumer and yourself. Colors, ad layout, print style, all key essentials to a successful response. Creating a sense of comfortability and specialness.

Targeting the right people at the right time means strategically determining which prospects are more likely to respond. Through the diverse avenues of advertisements.

Email marketing has proven to be highly effective when strategically scripted and directed. Acquiring new customers while re-engaging current. Do not rule out the other avenues of marketing.

We specialize in thought provoking highly crafted advertisements, with one goal in mind-your market.

Every Direct marketing ad must be interweaved with personalization. branding and call-to-action. Each conversationally scripted for your specific campaigns. When properly utilized, direct marketing is an extremely vialble solution to achieving cost effective results.

Successful businesses wisely invest their promotional budget into this type marketing.

Doing business with direct marketing agencies with proven track records. The mailing of specific literature directly to a list of pre-screened potential individuals from a database, offers more ROI , than general mailings.

Before a single word is written, our specialists do an in depth analysis of your product or service. Research the best avenues for you to direct market.

Upon approval of our findings, creation and design commences. A step-by-step process with you all the way. Highly powerful personalized, call-to action with your branding ads for cross marketing. Compelling ads for each market, same concept and message. Scripted different for positive results.

We will set up an account for you, propelling your campaign into action with the top leading direct markter in the industry. You may wish to have this inclusion in your customized package. If you prefer we will write your ads and you do the marketing.


Editing, Proof Reading and Manuscript Services

Are you are an author, corporate executive, business person, student or an individual? Then you may need our affordable Editing and Proofreading Manuscript services for all those documents you are trying to self-edit.

Let’s face it, proofreading and editing are not easy tasks. That is why a second pair of eyes are crucial and professional services are necessary.

You retain complete creative control. We assist you in communicating your ideas clearly and concisely. Giving you stronger, crafted documents, writings and manuscript

We never claim copyright, credit or acknowledgment of your work. Adhering to the strictest confidentiality and privacy policies.

We do three read-throughs of your work. In the first read-through, we concentrate on your style, characters or message.

Within the second read-through we concentrate on typos, punctuation and grammar errors, questionable passages. Possible suggestions of rewriting, further development. Double-checking statistics, references, names, places, websites, quotations.

The third read through is a final check of all edits verifying that your voice is true from beginning to end. We submit to your approval .

Repeating the process with revisions, as necessary.

The final stage of the editing process, focuses on surface errors-misspellings and mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and formatting.



E mail Marketing

Email newsletters

E-zines eg. electronic magazines

Fund Raising


Ghost Writing

What is a ghostwriter?
A ghostwriter is a skilled, professional writer who partners with you to turn your experiences and ideas into an exciting, organized, well-written manuscript ready for publication.

The reason it is called "ghostwriting" is because we do the behind-the-scenes work while you are the face of the project and author of the book.

How does the ghostwriting process work?
Your ghostwriter will begin by conducting interviews with you about your experiences, ideas, and vision for your book.

Then will use their writing skills to craft your stories and descriptions into an organized, entertaining, full-length manuscript.

What if I've already started my book?
That is great. We can work with the text you've already begun and use it as a foundation for the rest of the book.

What if I have nothing written yet—only an idea?
That is what we're here for. You don't need to have written anything to get started. We will work with you via our interviews to collect the stories, descriptions, and experiences you'd like to share.

Will I be able to speak with the ghostwriter working on my book?
Absolutely. As with all our services..You will be working closely with us during this process, and communication is paramount to producing a good book.

You should always know the status of your book's progress, and if you have any questions at all about the process, our staff is only a Skype and phone call away.


A Ghostwriter is a writer for hire wordsmith masterfully bringing to life your words, thoughts and ideas in your voice.. That's precisely what Supreme Copywriting Services does.

Transforms your outlines, preliminary manuscripts, scribbled notes, words and ideas into highly polished writings. Crafting each project to beyond satisfaction. Guaranteed to be something you will be proud of.

Only you the author are entitled to any royalties. Supreme Copywriting Services is your writer-for-hire. Actual fees are determined by review of your project. The length and all involved.

We work within your budget and are flexible. We will always be there for you guaranteed.

Do you know an idea or story that should be a book. But too busy to complete or write your book?

Has an agent or editor told you that your book needs work before he or she can sell it?

Have you been working on your book it too long? Perhaps you’re stuck and you know your book will die unless you get help.

Have you finished an entire draft but need it edited and polished before submitting it to a publisher?

Perhaps you’re not a writer (or you have other things to do) Maybe your book is okay, but you’re not satisfied with okay

Well, you are not alone. That's why so many people turn to writing services such as ours for their writing needs. It's faster, easier, more efficient and more affordable than you think.

How do I get started?  Visit our get started page


One of our Acquisitions Representatives will be in touch within 24 hours.


Grant Proposals Job Advertisements


Are a great way to communicate if properly written. With exact brief information. If you need help writing one these we will guide you free of charge

Newsletter Articles

Supreme Copywriting specializes in superior-informative newsletter articles which educate and enlighten readers. Without great content, a newsletter isn’t of much use. We draft newsletter articles that are targeted with each clients readers in mind. Grasping the readers attention. .

Newspaper Ads

Package Inserts and Publicity

Point-Of-Sale Literature

Press Advertising


Press Releases

Materials e.g. Press Packs     Media and Print        

Our powerful two to four page press releases are sales marketing tool reports. Promoting your product or service. State-regional-local and national according to your targeted market.

Supreme Copywriting Services creates conversational press releases, both print and media. Drawing out the uniqueness of your product or service.


Customized to the needs of each client. With your permission, an online press room will also be created on your website. Which includes your media contact, an email, fax and telephone. 

Press releases are valuable marketing tools. If crafted and marketed correctly, extremely effective. Single annual press releases are too easily forgotten. A series of six or more annually are the best exposure for you and your product or service. It’s up to you. This is only a suggestion.

National Press Releases includes creation and release of a national release and pitch letter. Pitch letters are one page teasers to persuade one to read the attached press release, We charge less for regional and state/local distribution with the same impact. Please inquire.

 Many of our clients have selected the suggested six annual releases. With stunning success.

 Product Packaging

Publication Activity

Resume Media-Print Portfolios

Imagine an eye-catching portfolio resume, masterfully reflecting your professional and personal achievements. Visually and verbally standing out from the crowd of potential job applicants. Hearing the magical words,

"Please come in for an interview." and finally "You’re Hired."

Together let’s make it a reality. In today’s highly competitive market a good resume is not enough. It is imperative to have the best online-media print resume portfolio. A resume must achieve the highest results in reaching a prospective employer.

We focus on your qualifications, strengths and accomplishments. What you should and shouldn’t put on your resume. How to market yourself. As well as social networking how they can affect your getting that position.

Each resume drafted and customized line-by-line for maximum impact, according to your intended audience. In todays market sometimes your former title may not be good enough. You may need to re-focus on the realities.

At no extra charge we will guide you in what to look for, how to prepare for an interview. Did you know that a prospective employer decides within the first few seconds? We don’t want you in the no thank you pile either. Let us write an exciting attention portfolio that gets you the interview..


We are not an employment agency, nor do we guarantee you a job. We do guarantee great online-media resume portfolios. Courtesy interview guidance.


Writing Representation


We Get Paid When You Do!

We receive the industry standard 15 percent commission on all domestic right sales and the 20 percent on foreign rights sales. We split our commission on subsidiary rights sales with a specialist subagent, in connection of all foreign or motion-picture, television rights.

We only ask for the agreed upon usual reimbursement office expenses. Including: extraordinary mailing costs, extensive related international telephone usage, photocopying and book orders for the exploitation of subsidiary rights. We maintain detailed statements which you will receive.

We never charge reading or critique fees.


We do guarantee your manuscript will be read faster by being in the hands of editors whose interest are in the style you write. If one editor says no...we move on. until there's a yes. We believe in persistence. As you know no one can guarantee a book will sell. But we guarantee yours will have every opportunity it deserves with high skillful marketing paid by the publisher.

Supreme Copywriting Services works with traditional publishing houses and Small Presses only. Never self publishing.

We know the publishing business so you have time to be creative.

For your FREE, No-Obligation Consultation


Sales Letters

Are you getting real value from your sales letters, generating as much business as you should be? Are your sales letters powerful, engaging and extremely cost-effective - exactly what a great sales letter should be?

Sales Promotions e.g. consumer contests

Short Stories


Speech Writing

Speeches are an effective way to publicize a company’s message. Regardless the size and target of your audience. We focus on the three key points of structure for effective speeches.

Supreme Copywriting has drafted high quality compelling eloquent effective speeches for every occasion. Speech writing rates are a flat rate which includes research and unlimited revisions and provide customized, no-obligation price estimates on request.

Let us know what you are looking for and we will create an exciting, compelling speech in your voice. Fees depend on complexity and length.

Television and Radio advertising

Web site content

Don't see what you're looking for?  Ask us...We will  be happy to create it for you.


How Long Will It Take To Write My Copy?

It depends on the assignment. All involved and your time schedule. I realize you can't always wait that long. Our Staff will work diligently with you to accommodate you and your needs.


So if the copywriting job is a rush, just indicate the date by which you must receive the copy on the order. Ideally 2-3 weeks for small copywriting assignments.


That gives time to polish, edit, and revise until happy with every word. If we take on the job, we guarantee that you will have the copy on your desk by this deadline-date-or sooner within your budget. No matter what the deadline, the copy submitted to you will be right.


How Much Will It Cost Me?

For any copywriting assignment--let us know what you have in mind and when you need it.. You will be quoted a fair price. Working within your budget and time schedule.


Supreme Writing Services has worked with amazing clients through the years.

Here's what some of our clients have to say....


Joseph Santiago, El Paso, Texas

"Huge thanks for writing a great resume and assisting me on my job search."



Nina Kamu, Pakistan

"Outstanding speeches. You grasped my audiences attention. Thank you."



Jorge Phillips, Harswell,

"We required a series of speeches scripted rather quickly for our seminars. Each with a unique audience impact. 

We felt confident that we chose the right agency as our initial consultation commenced, every query answered. We received fast professional, service and  within our budget as promised. By the way, our seminars were successful."

Henry Ng, Singapore

"I have used Supreme for sometime now. Each project had been completed on time, high quality, creatively written."


Thomas Williams, Norway

"When it comes to writing services, I wanted one I could trust. I heard good things about Supreme.

Decided to find out for myself.  From the first contact, through out my book write- everything was great. Very professional. Everything in writing, contracts easy to read. Worked within my budget. Extremely efficient."



Monique Johnson, Ithica New York

"My articles were outstanding. Great writes. I tried other so called professionals. Supreme delivers what others don't



Tanya Harris, Asheville, North Carolina

"Supreme Writing Services is supreme. Definitely will use your service again!"


John Emery, Fresh Meadows, New York

"Just want to say thanks for submitting my book to Random House...can't wait till its release"










































































































































































































































































































































































    Use this form to contact us about your copywriting needs. Request your free, no-obligation cost estimate. Use this form to determine whether Supreme Copywriting is a good "fit" for you - so when a copywriting need does come up-you can call on us with confidence, knowing in advance that we will meet your needs, schedule, and budget. You may use this form to set up a free no obligation skype or phone consultation


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