Robert Allen Kelleher is a veteran writer of  forty years and the best selling author of  "East Coast Murders" series.

As well as "From The Heart" poetry/prose collection.


Creator and CEO of Linkedin's Professional Groups-Supreme Copywriting International Services-Writersworld-International as well as Supreme Copywriting. Delivering the highest affordable writing marketing related services throughout the world.

Facebook's Praise the Lord Ministries, Did You Know-And Other Fun Stuff, and Healthy Living.


Robert personally oversees the writing careers of each client. Robert says: "It is imperative every writer has the utmost directive guidance with opportunity to realize their dreams."


Robert selects each writer for the perfect blend of quality to satisfy clients across the globe. Robert individually works with each staff writer to assure the highest quality is delivered with impeccability.

Robert and his wife Lynda Joyce reside in New Jersey.



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